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On this website, I will show you how easy it is to speed up your computer and make it start up quickly and easily. It only takes two easy steps. Guaranteed, you have been introduced to countless programs, which claim to make your computer run fast again. Don’t spend your money on them. It’s only very few, which works.

My name is Michael Sørensen. I have worked with computer software, programming and development for more than fifteen years. On this website, I will show you a quick trick, so you will be able to help yourself, and other make a slow PC work as quickly, as when you initially bought it.


That your computer is slow is not your fault. It will work slower as it ages and that is due to all the programs, updates and other stuff on your computer. I will explain more about that later.


Before you start, you need to know three things!


  • You can make sure that your computer will work fast again. There is no reason to waste your money on all of the miracle programs. They know that you’ll do anything to stop having to be held down by the question: Why is my computer running so slow, and that you will do anything. Don’t waste your money on them. Start out with my easy hack.
  • When you have used my guide, you won’t believe it! And it only takes a MAXIMUM of two minutes and the times of wondering: Why is my computer running so slow – is definitely over. If you’re still wondering if I know what I am talking about just try my step-by-step guide. I will give you this easy hack for free. No charge. Even if you’re not a computer expert, you will be able to perform it. And in just a few minutes, your computer will be running a lot faster again.
  • When your computer is fast again, you will have to download PC Speed Fix, which is the only software I will recommend to you. This will ensure you that your computer stays fast and doesn’t become slow again within a few days. Never again will you be sitting in front of your computer, wasting precious time thinking: Why is my computer so slow?


However, before you buy anything or try other options, let me prove to you, that I know what I am talking about. Click here and get a step-by-step guide instantly including a video-guide that will show you what you do, to transform your slow computer into the fast working one you had when you bought it.

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of all computers contain a virus

new viruses are invented every month


of all emails contain malware


One of the reasons you’ve ended up wondering: Why is my computer so slow, is pretty simple: It’s because of all of your programs which are installed or have been installed.

All of them wants to start up quickly when you have to use the software. Therefore, all of your programs will start and “go idle” when you restart. This will cost your computer many minutes during startup.

In the meantime, you wait at your desk for it to continue loading, again and again, wondering: Why is my computer so slow?

The older your computer is, the more programs will “run idle”. This is why you’ve ended up with a slow computer. Let’s turn them off in just one second!

Beneath, you can have a step-by-step guide and a video-guide, that will show you how to do it. As I mentioned above, everyone can do it; you don’t have to be an expert. It’s super easy. If you are experiencing problems during the process, you are welcome to write me. Use the live-chat in the right-hand corner. I am here to help you in the process, so there is no reason to worry. I’m at your service, and I genuinely want to help.

I don’t want you to waste one more day at your computer, waiting time on the nagging question: but why is my computer running so slow?

Don’t worry, in just a second your slow computer will be fast again.

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If you are experiencing pop-up commercials that you didn’t ask for or feel, that your computer is not just slow but also behaving oddly, it is most likely due to malware or a virus. This needs to be removed.

To remove it you need to do three things:

  • Make sure, that you have an updated antivirus.
  • Write your name and email in the contact form above and let me show you how to turn off the programs and end the times of having to waste your time wondering why your computer is so slow.
  • Download PC Speed Kit, which removes the mess the pop-up programs has caused. By eliminating the boot files in the registry. The PC Speed Kit software is usually $80. But if you click right here you can buy it for only $24.99, and the program will be yours to keep forever. No yearly or monthly payments like everywhere else.


Say goodbye to your slow computer; you will soon have transformed it. No more asking: Why is my computer running so slow?


It’s not necessarily a virus or malware which have caused your computer to run slow and you to be thinking: Why is my computer so slow? It’s almost always because of the software you have downloaded and installed, which wants to start up as fast as possible once they’re installed.

Therefore, they will want to start up at the same time as you start Windows. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. The only problem is that with 5-10 or 15 programs wanting to start up, your computer will become slow.

However, by performing the steps in my guide, you will tell the computer, to only start up the programs which are necessary. When you choose to use an individual program (word, excel, games, skype etc.), then the software will start, instead of doing it together with Windows.

If you want to check if your computer is slow due to a virus or malware, click here and check it.

If you have used my guide and have gained a faster computer from it, then you need to make sure that your computer will never become slow again.

You can do this with PC Speed Kit!

Usually, the software is $80 and for the first time, you can buy it for $24.99 and only if you use my link. I got this great deal, just for you! I trust these guys and believe in this software, and I want you to have it for the best price out there.



I only trust PC Speed Kit. It is the world’s best computer-software, when it comes to cleaning up your computer. Never again will your computer fill up with files you don’t need or take too much of your time, performing unnecessary demands. The times for wondering, why your computer is running so slow?” is over! It takes up almost zero space, and it makes sure to continually clean up malfunctioning files and it correct mistakes in the data registry.

When you run the program, you will see that your computer has a ‘mistake’. The computer can easily run with these errors, but it must read them before it can start up.

It’s amazing that we can now download and use PC Speed Kit as we please!

Other software, doing the same job as PC Speed Kit, usually costs $80 every year! Don’t let them take advantage of you. They know, that you will do anything to get your computer to work fast again and to let go of having to wonder: Why is my computer so slow?.

When you’ve paid for PC Speed Kit, it’s yours forever.