WARNING: Windows 10 may be a bit heavy to dance with – but on this page I show you how easy it is to speed up your Windows 10 – and make it boot easily and quickly. It can be easily done in two steps. You have probably been offered all sorts of programs that can make your Windows 10 fast again. But do not spend money on them. There are quite a few of those who work.

My name is Michael Sørensen. I have worked with computer software, programming and development for more than 15 years. On this page I will teach you a quick trick so you can help yourself and others to get a slow computer with Windows 10 to be just as fast as when you purchased it.

Before you get started, know 3 things!

  • You can make your computer fast again. Do not waste money on all the miracle programs! Once you’ve used my guide, you’ll think it’s a lie! It takes MAX 2 minutes.
  • Once your computer is fast again – you should download PC Speed ​​Fix, which is the only program I would recommend. This will ensure that your computer stays fast – and does not slow down in a few days.
  • Before you buy anything – or do more – let me prove that I know what I am talking about. Click here and receive a step-by-step guide immediately. a video guide to what to do to transform your slow computer – to be as fast as when you purchased it.
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of all somputers has virus

new virus-software is being invented every month


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One of the reasons you have got a slow PC – is quite simple. This is due to your programs that have been installed – or have been installed.

They all want to start up quickly when you need the program. Therefore, your programs start and run “idle” when you restart. However, it often takes many minutes to boot.

In the meantime, you wait for the desktop to load – and it provides a slow PC.
The older your computer is, the more programs run ‘idle’. That’s why you’ve got a slow computer. So let’s turn them off – in a moment!

Just below, you will receive a step by step guide and a video guide that will show you how to do. Everybody can do it, you do not have to be an expert. It’s supernatural. If you’re having trouble along the way, feel free to write to me. Use the live chat in the right-hand corner.

… and do not worry, at least your slow computer is fast again.

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You can do several things that will help your computer get faster – even if it has become slow after you install Windows 10.

For example, you can make sure you take advantage of the built-in Hybrid Startup. Here’s how to do it:

Press the Windows key + i




Then you’ll get to ‘Settings’.

Type ‘power’ and click ‘Power Management and Sleep Settings’.

Click ‘More Options for Power Management’



Press ‘Select what the power buttons do’




Make sure there is a check in ‘Enable Quick Start (Recommended)’